Oct 10 2007

Appointment with a little digital disapointment

Category: Photography

I just reviewed the photos I took on Smadi's and Yannay's wedding, two friends who live in Kibbutz in the north. And what can I say, the photos are simply terrible. I guess everything that could go wrong went wrong and there are only a handful of usable pictures.

It's somewhat of a disappointment because it's the first time that I would say that I really wasn't up for the job. I'm glad that they had 2 professional photographers around, so they will have plenty of photos. Unfortunately the photographers were not of the unobtrusive types. But anyway, I Here some of the problems that I found quite difficult to master with my (quite) limited equipment:

1. That location was great. The wedding took place at night at an outdoor location. Unique atmosphere and magical atmosphere. Something that you cannot capture easily on film or digitally. They where absolutely no light sources that I could use for ambient light. So I had to do everything with flash. And because there was nothing to bounce the flash from, most of the pictures turned out to be really dull direct flash snapshots. How I hate direct flash. Will not do that again, ever. I ordered another flash, a second hand Metz MZ40-2 and I intent to use it as a indirect slave flash.

2. At one important moment the batteries of my D100 died. Never did that before. Well I guess they hat to way especially for that moment. So I came back from Kokhav Yarden with only a couple of photos. This was really unnecessary, because I had another battery and even my Nikon FM3a as a backup in my car. Unfortunately we weren't driving in my car up to Kokhav Yarden.

3. I was shooting RAW NEF most of the time because using my manual SB-22 flash I knew I would need to tweak the pictures later. Shooting RAW alone can be really slow because the D100 is an old work horse. Also, I had the custom setting NOISE REDUCTION switched on which further reduced the buffer that could now only hold 2 pictures. And that demanded a lot of patience.


It was interesting to say how well (or bad) I would to with my aged equipment on such an occasion. Usually it is good enough for portraits and still-lifes. But fast-action wedding photographers is like playing in another league. Last time I did this, I had much more equipment and lighting conditions were much easier. Anyway, I learned a thing or two about my D100 and how to improve results in flash photography.

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